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Are you looking for solutions related to programmatic buying, big data, actionable data, lookalike, retargeting and/or attribution model? From a blog to a portal, Navegg has the solution for you.

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  • Navegg has helped us understand a little bit more our audience and empowered our inventory commercialization according to the person who is consuming it. That was of great help so that our advertisers can target their message to the indicated audience. Besides, it helped internally on acquiring more conversions in our advertisements.

    Diego Cormio


  • Navegg's technology is vital to boo-box's campaigns efficiency and to increase the investment cash back of our clients. As one of the first partners we are immensely proud to see such developments in the product over the years.

    Marco Gomes


  • With Navegg as a partner in our strategies we visualized a complete purchase funnel of our clients, personalized by clusters, which allow us to develop a direct communication for each profile. It is a win-win relationship; Bluefoot, Navegg and our customers.

    José Felipe


  • With Navegg it is possible to learn about the main behavior traits and interests of users that access the advertisers’ website. Besides, we have data to analyze which profiles are most likely to convert. That allows our marketing actions to be more assertive, with campaigns focused on consumer interest.

    Marcelo Marzola


  • Navegg Analytics surprised me with the quantity of information that it reveals us about our audience. It shows people’s profile that visit our website, web habits, preferences and even their purchasing power. It’s incredible, both because of the information that helps us to direct our communication to targeted audiences, as well as for strategies of product specification. I highly recommend Navegg.

    Carlos Eduardo

    Pele Linda


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