How to integrate Navegg to SiteApps

Once you integrate Navegg’s technology it will be possible to use demographic segments to learn more about your audience. After activating the integration, your account will have the segments available as “buckets”.

How to integrate

The integration process is very simple and you don’t need to add the tag on your website, as long as you have the SiteApps tag already inserte don your website HTML.

* Please note  that the integration is only available on SiteApps in Portuguese.

  1. Go to “Configurações”and access the tags listing page on your SiteApps panel;
  2. Select “Eu vou instalar“;
  3. Change the configuration of “Você deseja integrar com o Navegg ?” to “Sim“.


How to use Navegg Analytics data

The integration allows any SiteApps’ app to use Navegg’s demographic segmentation.

When setting up the app, in the tab “quem”, you have to click on ‘segmentar usuários’ and you will find Navegg’s buckets. Then you just need to choose the segments you would like to use.


Combining Segments

If you wish to combine segments, for example men who are 25-34 years old and married, you need to create a new bucket with a new rule.

In the bucket’s configuration page, add “eventos” for each combination.

Please find below the ‘eventos’ names for each Navegg segment:

  • ngen_x – gender: male or female
  • nage_x – age: 1317, 1824, 2534, 3559, 60
  • nedu_x – education level: graduated, nograduated
  • nmar_x – marital status: married or single
  • nsoc_x – social class: soc_ab, soc_c, soc_de