It's all about people

About Navegg

We are passionate about people and technology. We love studying human behavior to discover patterns and anticipate trends. And what excites us most about all this is that by sharing our creations, we make digital life smarter.

This has been our philosophy since 2008 when we created the digital marketing as a reflection of the interests and desires of the internet. With pioneering spirit and enthusiasm, we set up a talented team to become leaders in data intelligence in Emerging Markets.

Navegg is a technology company that operates in partnership with major publishers and agencies to approach brands and people in the digital environment.

Work with us

We invest in talents who turn challenges into opportunities. To work at Navegg is to be in an environment full of responsibilities where everybody learn and grow together. Our team is composed of people who do everything with a sparkle in their eyes, people who are focused, passionate and have big dreams. Join us!

Requirements: you must like coffee, carrot cake, cheese bread and challenges.


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Navegg will help Streamlyn segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market

The programmatic media agency needed to segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market and selected Navegg.

Two new features in Navegg solutions

Uploading/exporting spreadsheets for registration and Attribution tab improvements are the two new features in Navegg solutions.

DMPs in Emerging Markets, challenges and lessons learned

Emerging markets have some peculiarities that need attention in choosing DMPs.