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Over 400 million Internet users were divided into 8 clusters according to factors that influence consumer behavior in the digital environment.

  • Data Analysis turned into insight

    Over 20 million transactions per month are analyzed from the first click on an ad until product check out.

  • Qualified and highly relevant target

    The clusters were divided, according to the analysis previously done, into quadrants and separated according to the consumption behavior, stage of life and age.

  • Consumer behavior patterns

    Information such as access link, and technology used, location, content and products researched are used to categorize each cluster.

  • Consumer behavior

    Factors such as rationality, emotion and affluence are used as indicators to identify consumer behavior in the digital environment.


Navegg’s core work lies in understanding consumer behavior. Over the last 6 years, we have studied the browsing habits of over 400 million Internet users in more than 100 thousand websites. The study was conducted by Navegg together with mathematicians, psychologists and sociologists and the different knowledge and experience were shared in order to create a methodology to classify consumers according to their online behavior.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs Adoption Curve

To create homogeneous groups considering behavior, using internet users’ reactions to rational and emotional stimuli associated to consumer purchasing power, both with support of classic psychosocial methodologies such as the Pyramid of Maslow and the Adoption Curve. Everything was done considering only the user habits and respecting the anonymity of those people.

The 8 groups

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Over 400 million brazilian Internet users were divided into 8 clusters according to: reasoning, emotion and afluence, factors that influence on behavior in the digital environment.


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248 new segments for building personas

Sportsmen, travelers, gamers and investors are some of the personas that can be developed in greater detail with 248 new segments.

Knowing Navegg’s data

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142 new segments for beverages, football teams, administration, music and cinema.

Navegg has created 142 new segments to meet the demand of its customers.