Verified Human Traffic

  • About Verified Human Traffic

    About Verified Human Traffic

    Close to 25% of the impressions served on the internet are fraudulent, in order that banners and videos are displayed to robots and not real human traffic.

    According to that, Navegg has created an anti-fraud mechanism that can be added by an audience segment named Verified Human Traffic, which ensures that the ad impressions will be exclusively shown to certified human traffic.

  • Methodology


    The conception of this mechanism was developed based on the analysis of the navigation of humans and bots. In other words, it doesn’t aim to detect robots, but select the real users and aggregate them to the audience segment. The robots are created to specific actions and on tracking both the navigation history and the device being used, we can deduce that longer history records and certain types of device are characteristics of an human navigation.

    In addition, the fact that we’re present in more than a hundred thousand properties allow us to discern the behavior’s patterns from robots and humans.

  • How to activate this methodology

    How to activate this methodology

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    This mechanism can be added by an audience segment. Therefore, if you already use Navegg’s segments in your campaigns, no action is necessary due to all of the Navegg data already have this criteria included.

    If you don’t use Navegg’s segments yet, just select the targeting criteria “Verified Human Traffic” when setting up your campaign on the mainly DSPs; you can combine it with any other data (not necessarily provided by Navegg).

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