Navegg for publishers

Deliver targeted advertising in a smarter way.



Get to know the Navegg solution for big publishers and content portals.

  • Complete analytical information

    Navegg technology do 1st and 3rd party data management and offer complete information about website’s performance and the people that have access to.

  • 360° internet users vision

    With a 360° internet user vision, you can create patterns according to each audience of your website and execute “retargeting” and “lookalike”.

  • Previse how many users will be impacted in each campaign

    Know the quantity and affinities of different targets inside your website. Configure filters, cross data and have insights about your audience and the different publics.

  • Create an efficient Media Kit

    With rich information about your audience, you can increase the credibility of your sales’ speech and your possibilities of offering media not just by page content but by the profiles’ audience.

  • Show the value of your audience

    Be listed in our solution, used by the main agencies and advertisers, and sell profile segmentation, interests and desires.

  • Data activation

    Utilize the best of intelligence segmentation, plugged with the main adservers, SSPs and ad exchanges.

  • Intelligence

    Having reports and data about your site is not sufficient without a layer of intelligence to study that information and define commercial strategies. For that, count on our consultancy and know-how.

  • 3rd party data

    Enrich your 1st party data with a big 3rd party database.

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