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Get to know the Navegg solution for websites, blogs and e-commerces.

Navegg Analytics

Navegg Analytics is a Navegg solution for businesses that want to know not just how many people has accessed your site but who they are.

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  • Audience

  • Conversion funnel

  • Campaigns

    • Audience

      Don’t have just analytical access about your public but demographic data, interests and which technology, social network and brands they are using.

    • Conversion funnel

      Create a personalized funnel for the necessities of your business.

    • Campaigns

      Implement an analysis of attribution to discover which campaigns and channels work better for your business.

    Is Navegg Analytics for my business?

    • Blogs and small business

      If you have a blog or a small/average business, pick the basic module. With him, you can analyse classic data like visits by genre, age, and more. Qualitative information is included. All these information will help you build a complete media kit or take more assertive actions.

    • E-commerces

      If your focus is laid on conversion sales, besides accessing qualitative information about your audience you can build a personalized conversion funnel for your business, receive the visitors with exclusive offers and analyze that information to make strategic decisions.

    • Advertisers

      Doesn’t your website sell any product but buys media online? Your focus is not in sales but branding? Implement an analysis of attribution to discover which campaigns and channels work better for your company.

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