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The best data pipeline

Reduce complexity and ensure data quality. Our products create your ultimate database.

Customer data platform

Customer Data Platform

Concentrate, store and manage all your data in a complete and innovative platform. Draw profiles, enrich your base, and obtain a broad view of the audience.

Data management platform

Data Management Platform

Manage your data in a technology that allows you to analyze the user's browsing behavior, use Navegg's segmentation methodologies and create personalized audiences.

Navegg ID

Navegg ID

Assign a unique ID and build an exclusive, persistent, multi-device identity for your user with this 100% cookieless solution.

Navegg Vision

Navegg Vision

The perfect end user solution! Access and see how you are ranked on the Navegg network. Just make a few adjustments and receive more assertive ads!

Navegg Analitycs

Navegg Analytics

Get to know your audience: demographic data, interests, technologies, brands, and relevant products, in a free and limited version of our DMP.

Data classification methodologies

Learn about our methodologies, anti-fraud technology, and segmentations.

Every one

Navegg EveryOne

Navegg's proprietary and exclusive methodology allows you to qualify your reach based on the factors that most influence digital behavior: buying power and purchase motivation.




Navegg Segments

Over 2,500 segments to extract insights, learn about your audience, and create segment combinations to increase your brand reach the smart way!



Navegg Humam Traffic

Navegg Human Traffic

Anti-fraud methodology that guarantees advertisers that ads will only be delivered to humans, avoiding unnecessary budget spending on impressions triggered by bots.

Navegg EveryBuyer

Navegg EveryBuyer

Discover our second proprietary methodology and determine the target audience according to user buying behavior in each of the 13 main industries in the market.