Productos - Navegg ID EN

Build your customer's unique ID

Gather browsing information to build an ID for each user.


How does it work?

Navegg ID gathers information from the user's browsing behavior and, through algorithms that perform the deterministic and probabilistic match, assigns an ID to build a unique, persistent, and multi-device user identity.



Why use it?

Navegg ID is the solution that will replace third-party cookies. Thus, it is the best way to continue working with strategies that involve this type of data.


Benefits of Navegg ID

  • Independent of cookies;
  • Compliance with data protection laws;
  • Trusted segments;
  • The quality and variety that Navegg has always guaranteed, with a new technology.

How to use it?

Soon Navegg ID will be available in the main DSPs in the market, and media professionals will be able to activate the new segments according to their strategies in the same way they do today. What changes is the technology, but for the professional, the process will follow the same way.