Productos - Navegg Analytics EN

Who is Navegg Analytics for?

For companies that want to deepen the analysis of their audience, get to know the users who visit their website, and get insights into content and shopping trends.


Blogs and small business

If you have a blog or a website for a small- or medium-sized business, you can analyze classic analytics data, such as visits by gender, age, among others. In addition to qualitative information, all this data will help you build a more complete media kit or take more assertive actions.



If your focus is sales conversion, in addition to accessing qualitative information about your audience, set up a conversion funnel custom-made for your company, receive visitors with an exclusive offer and analyze information to make strategic decisions.



Does your website not sell any products, but do you buy media online? Is your focus not on sales, but on branding? Start an attribution analysis to discover which campaigns and channels work best for your business.