Navegg Segments

About Navegg’ Segments

Navegg anonymously analyzes navigation data on every visitor of websites that utilize our technology. Then, by using statistical-mathematical methods, market studies and consumer behavior research, these user are clustered into more than 2500 segments. For even better understanding, these segments are presented in 8 macro criteria. Click on each one to see all the segmentation possibilities.


Get to know the solutions which can deliver all(*) this information concerning Internet users of a site.

(*) The only exception is Navegg for websites, blogs and e-commerces, which doesn’t offer Navegg EveryBuyer.

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Knowing Navegg’s data

Observed, inferred or behavioral - Navegg’s data help companies of all types and sizes to segment their actions and to get to know their [...]

All Navegg tells you about your audience

Discover all the information that you will know about your audience using Navegg.

Navegg’s targeting criteria guarantee that ads be seen just for people; not for robots

Business develops systems that permit videos and banners to be exhibited just for humans and not for robots - presently, about 25% of campaigns [...]